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The Configuration option enables you to enter all the settings necessary to the proper operation of the maestro*–Procore interface.



  • Have a previously configured Procore user account




maestro* > Maintenance > Interface Maintenance > Procore > Configuration




Procore API URL*

The API call to production must use the basic URL address https://api.procore.com.

Client ID*

Must include the encrypted ID that enables access to the Procore API.

Client password*

Must include the encrypted password that enables access to the Procore API.

Maestro* Company

Displays the company that must be synchronized with a Procore company; it is the one selected when maestro* was opened.

Procore Company ID

Enables to select the Procore company to which the maestro* company will be linked for synchronization.

NOTE: this field is initially empty; it only becomes populated once the URL of the Procore API and the authentication information has been entered and saved.

Elements synchronization

In the grid, select the elements that will need to be synchronized. The arrows in the Direction column indicate in which direction the synchronization be completed. The Procore Element Name column shows how the elements are identified in Procore. Additionally, the date and time identifying when the elements were Last Synchronized are also displayed. The following elements can be synchronized:

  • Projects
  • Project Budgets
  • Suppliers
  • Project Costs
  • Purchase Orders
  • Subcontracts
  • Change Orders
  • Projects Costs

NOTE: the synchronization order is important because of the depencies between the elements. For instance, project costs depend on previously synchronized projects.

The Filter Projects by field permet de choisir comment les divers projets de la compagnie seront présentés dans l'écran de synchronisation. ClosedAvailable values.


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