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The Synchronization option enables reconciling data between maestro* and Procore, in one direction or the other, per item or by batch.

Data displayed in this window directly depend on what was set in the Configuration option (maestro* > Maintenance > Maintenance interface > Procore > Synchronisation).






maestro* > Maintenance > Interface Maintenance > Procore > Synchronization




Elements to synchronize tabs

Each element checked in the Element Synchronization section of the Configuration option is displayed under a tab. If an element is not checked, its corresponding tab is not displayed.

The quantity of elements to synchronize is displayed in-between parenthesis on the right side of the tab’s name.

Maestro*’s elements columns

For each element that needs to be synchronized, all maestro* data is grouped in the left-side columns.


The arrow displayed in the column indicates how the synchronization is done:

  • Unidirectional arrow, to the left or right: synchronization only goes in one direction, to maestro* or Procore;
  • Bidirectional arrow: synchronization goes both ways, to maestro* and Procore.

Procore’s elements columns

or each element that needs to be synchronized, all Procore data is grouped in the right-side columns.


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